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Environmental Impact and Sustainability: Role of Vacuum Pumps in Emission Reduction

The growing concerns about the environment and sustainability are becoming increasingly urgent and central in contemporary cultural, economic, social, and industrial debates. Traditionally, the industry has had an antagonistic role towards environmental preservation and sustainability. However, thanks to companies...


26 Apr 2024

The Advantages of Using Specialized Accessories for Vacuum Pumps

Le pompe per vuoto sono dispositivi meccanici centrali in una vasta gamma di settori industriali: industria chimica, siderurgica, petrolchimica, tessile, alimentare, farmaceutica e molti altri. Per garantire il massimo rendimento di questi macchinari, è necessario e assolutamente essenziale utilizzare...


27 Mar 2024

Vent Silencers: Features and Usage

Fortunately, the era of intrusive heavy industry is coming to an end, thanks to targeted technological efforts aimed at reducing environmental impact. Unfortunately, compressors, electromechanical pumps, and air distribution systems invariably generate a certain amount of noise, which is...


25 Feb 2024

Azmec Solutions: Design and Production of Custom Electromachinery Groups and Vacuum Systems

Azmec is a leading mechanical company that has been specializing in the design and manufacturing of vacuum systems with electromechanical pumps for civil, healthcare, artisanal, and industrial applications since 1960. Our dedicated technical team is ready to tackle any...


31 Jan 2024

Azmec and Riva Tecnoimpianti: A Partnership for the Future

The future of the economic sector foresees new and significant challenges that will require innovation, expertise, and the highest quality. That is why Azmec and Riva Tecnoimpianti are forging an important partnership to remain competitive in the market with...


28 Dec 2023

The ALBV/2000 Series: A Detailed Exploration

The Azmec company is involved in the design and manufacture of industrial machinery. Today, we take a closer look at the ALBV/2000 series, an outstanding line of vacuum pumps and liquid ring compressors.


23 Nov 2023

Service and Pump Restoration: Azmec’s Service Centre for Customer Support

In today’s technological age, the need for reliable and competent customer service is greater than ever, especially in the industrial sector where business continuity is crucial. Azmec, a leading manufacturer of vacuum pumps and liquid ring compressors, stands out...


03 Nov 2023

The History of Azmec: From a Small Workshop to a Global Leader

Founded in 1960 in Genoa, Azmec began its journey as a company specialized in third-party mechanical processing.


11 Sep 2023

Azmec Innovations: Exploring Vacuum Pumps and Liquid Ring Compressors

In the modern industrial landscape, the demand for reliable, durable, and versatile mechanical devices is constantly growing.


30 Aug 2023