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Azmec was established in Genoa in 1960, as a company specialising in machining for third parties. In 1964 Azmec began manufacturing vacuum pumps and liquid ring compressors for the paper/making industry, working almost exclusively at national level, standing out for the quality of its machines. In 1988 the company stock was sold to a group already operating in the pump industry and the company expanded its objectives from a technical and commercial viewpoint, by investing in new markets in the chemical, petrochemical, steel, tannery, pharmaceutical, textile, food, sugar, cellulose, cement, synthetic leather, and plastics sectors.

In 2018 it completed its move from Voltri, Genoa to Arenzano, to a larger, recently completed factory building, and now Azmec works from a production unit in Arenzano, province of Genoa, as well as from Verderio, in the province of Lecco. This latter was opened in 1993 and then expanded in 1998, designing and manufacturing liquid ring vacuum pumps using the most cutting-edge technologies and dedicated 2D and 3D software.

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Pieces are machined on CNC machine tools, and inspections are performed in our internal test room, which is equipped with the most modern instruments for testing machines with power input of up to 250 kW. Between 1960 and 1990, the unit in Liguria is used to produce liquid ring vacuum pumps and for transformation work for third parties. In 1993 the pump production centre is moved to Verderio definitively, while the Ligurian headquarters are used for third-party machining and different types of maintenance for the mechanical sector: the synergy between the two hubs remains active, especially in periods of intense work.


Both plants have had ISO 9001 certification since 1998 and since 2010, Azmec has held EAC certification to export into the Russian market, and it begins to produce pumps in compliance with Atex standards for applications in areas at risk of explosion. With a view to expanding the business and making it increasingly competitive, able to guarantee clients the best possible service, in 2022 Azmec completes its acquisition of RIVA TECNOIMPIANTI SRL, a company working on the market since 1998, and specialising in the manufacturing of light and heavy metal carpentry components as well as of hydraulic control units with a host of different uses in a range of sectors on the international marketplace.

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