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Azmec designs and builds vacuum pumps and liquid ring compressors for use in a wide variety of industries.
They are built using certified materials to guarantee excellent durability and high production efficiency.


Azmec vacuum pumps guarantee regular operation even in the presence of dirty water, impurities, overloads and insufficient maintenance. Azmec vacuum pumps are designed to operate continuously and in heavy-duty conditions. The quality and resistance of these vacuum pumps come from:


Azmec offers different types of vacuum pumps to guarantee clients a wide choice of machinery operating with different levels of energy consumption. With the exception of the series AL, ALZ and ALBV, these pumps can fit an intermediate septum to create two vacuum sections that guarantee 50% of the total capacity and differentiated vacuum degrees without limitations.


This makes it possible, especially in paper making, to serve two points of the continuous machine with different vacuum degrees using a single pump; the vacuum difference between one sector and the other is unlimited. AZMEC vacuum pumps can be built to work at high vacuums and also used as compressors for air or other gases up to an effective pressure of approx. 1.6 kg/sq cm.


The improved hydrodynamic profile of the blades, together with the internal seal system, has optimised hydraulic performance to lower energy consumption and costs as a result. Operating reliability and efficiency together with low energy consumption are guaranteed by the use of wide flow distributors for the AL, ALZ,ALBV,AL-B4,AL-BC types, while for the ALCZ series, flat distributor discs and outlet diffusers with valves are used to prevent overpressure, even in extremely heavy-duty working conditions.


Azmec vacuum pumps have internal distribution: the flow between the fixed and rotary parts takes place inside the impeller and along the whole length.
Using this technical expedient creates large flow sections that allow the transport of notable percentages of liquid, fibres, etc.


Azmec vacuum pumps are used in the following industrial sectors:

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