The History of Azmec: From a Small Workshop to a Global Leader

Foundation and Early Activities (1960-1988)

Founded in 1960 in Genoa, Azmec began its journey as a company specialized in third-party mechanical processing.

Four years later, in 1964, the company took its first major step towards diversification, starting the production of vacuum pumps and liquid ring compressors for the paper industry.

During this period, Azmec stood out for the quality of its machines, operating almost exclusively in the domestic market.

Turnaround and Growth (1988-1993)

In 1988, a significant change took place with the total sale of the shareholding to a group already operating in the pump sector.

This transition led Azmec to expand its horizons both technically and commercially.

The company began to invest in the chemical, petrochemical, steel, tanning, pharmaceutical, textile, food, sugar, cellulose, cement, synthetic leather, and plastics sectors.

Expansion and Innovation (1993-2018)

In 1993, Azmec inaugurated a new production unit in Verderio, in the province of Lecco. This second location was subsequently expanded in 1998 and specialized in the design and production of liquid ring vacuum pumps using the most advanced technologies and dedicated 2D and 3D software.

In 2018, the historic headquarters in Genoa was moved to Arenzano in a larger and newly built warehouse.

Production Center and Certifications

Both Azmec locations have been ISO 9001 certified since 1998.

Since 2010, the company also holds the EAC certification for the Russian market and produces pumps in accordance with the Atex regulations for applications in explosion-risk areas.

The two locations operate in synergy, especially during periods of intense activity.

Parts are processed with CNC machine tools, and tests are carried out in an internal test room equipped with modern instrumentation.

The Present and the Acquisition of RIVA TECNOIMPIANTI SRL (2022)

Today, Azmec continues to grow and innovate. In 2022, in an attempt to further expand its business, the company acquired ownership of RIVA TECNOIMPIANTI SRL, specialized in the production of light and heavy carpentry components and hydraulic power units.

This acquisition marks another significant step for Azmec in becoming a global leader in its sector.


From its foundation as a small workshop in Genoa in 1960, Azmec has grown to become a global leader in the vacuum pump and compressor industry.

With two production sites, a range of certifications, and a history of strategic acquisitions, Azmec demonstrates the potential and innovation that can transform a small company into an industrial giant.

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