The ALBV/2000 Series: A Detailed Exploration

The Azmec company is involved in the design and manufacture of industrial machinery.

Today, we take a closer look at the ALBV/2000 series, an outstanding line of vacuum pumps and liquid ring compressors.

These products are the result of a thorough development process, reflecting Azmec’s commitment to finding innovative and customized solutions for our customers.

The ALBV/2000 series, made with high-quality materials and designed based on extensive experience in the field, represents our dedication to providing machinery with excellent performance and reliability.

Main Features of the ALBV/2000 Series

The ALBV/2000 series is characterised by the use of high-performance materials that provide reliability and durability.

The vacuum pumps and compressors in this range are made of cast iron, a ferrous alloy with excellent mechanical and thermal properties.

Cast iron guarantees strength, rigidity and resistance to corrosion.

Some models use carbon steel, known for its versatility and ability to be hardened to increase hardness.

Carbon steel is chosen when greater mechanical strength is required.

For particularly demanding applications, stainless steel is used, which combines high resistance to corrosion and temperature.

Its composition with chromium and nickel make it ideal for sectors such as the chemical and food industries.

Some models feature ceramic composite coatings, which further increase corrosion and abrasion resistance due to the inert properties of these materials.

Finally, the combination of two or more materials makes it possible to obtain machines with hybrid characteristics according to the areas subjected to the greatest loads.

Technical Details and Applications

Each model also has specific flow rate characteristics, ranging from 2500 m³/h for the smaller sizes to 7500 m³/h for the larger compressors.

Different sealing solutions are also available, from the classic packing to the more modern single or double mechanical seal.

As we have seen, these machines represent high-performance and reliable solutions for the industry.

The materials used, carefully selected and tested, guarantee excellent resistance and durability over time.

The different variants available meet the needs of a wide range of industrial sectors.

Thanks to decades of experience in machinery design and manufacture, Azmec is able to provide products tailored to specific customer needs.

The efficiency and productivity of industrial processes benefit enormously from the use of ALBV/2000 series pumps and compressors.

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