Quality and Control: How Azmec Ensures Product Excellence

In modern industries, the reliability and productivity of machinery are two fundamental characteristics for the operational success of any company.

In this context, AZMEC emerges as an undisputed reference point in the landscape of modern industries, ensuring impeccable quality and control over each of its products and services offered.

Still, with more than 60 years of experience in the sector, AZMEC is actively committed to providing innovative and timely solutions for every need. Its flagship products include the production of vacuum pumps and liquid ring compressors, whose quality is ensured not only by the carefully selected certified materials but also by the continuous commitment of our team of engineers in developing accessories and updates that can optimize their operation over time.

Production Strategies

Quality is guaranteed by some preliminary production strategies, including the choice of materials, the optimization of the hydrodynamic profile, and the revision of worn pumps, as well as post-production checks and periodic revisions. But let’s analyze these strategies in more detail.

Materials for Building Pumps and Compressors

The quality of AZMEC’s vacuum pumps and liquid ring compressors is guaranteed by the use of certified and carefully selected materials, including special combined steels, stainless steel, and components coated with ceramic polymer. This choice contributes to their long durability and optimal performance. Additionally, the decision to build these devices with oversized dimensions, large passage sections, and low rotation speeds is equally crucial.

All this is achieved by adopting particular care and attention during the mechanical processing phase, in order to achieve a qualitatively impeccable production and putting the devices in the condition to operate in the most efficient way possible.

These strategies allow the pumps and compressors to operate regularly even in the presence of dirty water, impurities, overloads, poor maintenance, or otherwise non-optimal environmental conditions. AZMEC demonstrates the importance of a preliminary production work, which if carried out with competence and precision, manages to guarantee the realization of very competitive products.

Thanks to their reliability and efficiency, AZMEC’s pumps and compressors are used in a wide range of industrial sectors, including the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, textile, food, and many others. The choice of materials, however, does not only concern vacuum pumps and liquid ring compressors, but also a wide range of accessories made to ensure the perfect operation of the plant.

Through these choices, AZMEC reaffirms itself as a reliable and competent partner for the most diverse industrial needs. All accessories made by AZMEC meet very high quality standards within their respective plants. Among the accessories that AZMEC focuses on are:

– The self-priming centrifugal pumps Type J

– The discharge separators

– The intake pre-separators

– The vibrating joints

Hydrodynamic Profile Optimization

Another fundamental aspect to ensure high and lasting quality to the products is the hydrodynamic optimization and the perfection of the internal sealing systems of the pumps.
These strategies have allowed an improved hydraulic yield, enabling the reduction of energy consumption, the containment of operating costs, and resulting in being more sustainable for the environment compared to older counterparts.

The efficiency and reduced energy consumption are ensured by the use of distributors with large passages for the AL, ALZ, ALBV, AL-B4, AL-BC types, while for the ALCZ series flat distributor discs and exhaust diffusers with valves are used, so as to prevent overpressures under any working condition.

Restoration of Worn or Damaged Pumps

One of the main services of AZMEC, in addition to the production and supply of pumps and compressors, is the repair and revision of the main models of liquid ring vacuum pumps on the market. AZMEC is committed, in fact, to restoring the original performance of the devices, ensuring optimal operation over time and verifying their efficiency through specialized instrumentation.

Moreover, to avoid production stops that could greatly damage the production cycle of companies and industries, AZMEC provides its customers with a courtesy pump, to ensure the regular operation of the plant. This demonstrates AZMEC’s commitment to customer satisfaction and operational continuity.

Quality Control and Certifications

AZMEC continuously engages in rigorous quality controls conducted during all stages of production and supply: from the preliminary selection of construction material, to the actual realization and then to the delivery of the product.

Thanks to specialized instrumentation calibrated according to current regulations, which are increasingly integrated by digital interfaces with countless functionalities and ever-greater precision, AZMEC manages to ensure the conformity of its products to the highest quality standards. In addition, AZMEC offers tailored industrial assembly services and responds promptly to maintenance requests in the mechanical sector.

This commitment to providing high-quality products and services is what makes AZMEC a reliable and respected partner in the industrial sector.
The mechanical processes offered by AZMEC, such as turning, milling, broaching, and grinding, are carried out with the utmost precision and often in collaboration with equally established partner companies in the sector.

Quality control occurs through meticulous monitoring by operators, supported by technologically advanced instrumentation.