Azmec Solutions: Design and Production of Custom Electromachinery Groups and Vacuum Systems

Azmec is a leading mechanical company that has been specializing in the design and manufacturing of vacuum systems with electromechanical pumps for civil, healthcare, artisanal, and industrial applications since 1960. Our dedicated technical team is ready to tackle any kind of challenge and optimize any system according to your specific needs.

Advancements in technology have significantly reduced the size and energy consumption while enhancing the performance of machinery. There is an increasing demand for energy-efficient and low-noise equipment that can outperform older models, often with comparable or even lower costs in some cases.

For any type of project or application involving the design of vacuum, pressurized, or oil recirculation systems, Azmec has been a leader in mechanical and electromechanical pump systems for over 60 years.

Our company offers tailored solutions to meet advanced specific functions, integrate new equipment into existing systems, or establish entirely new production lines requiring innovation and responsiveness.

Vacuum System Development and Design

With the invaluable assistance of 2D and 3D CAD design by our experienced engineers and the use of high-performance verification software and simulators capable of handling a large number of points per instance, we can optimize every type of system during the design phase.

This is essential to meet the needs of various clients, which may include hospitals, food processing and transformation companies, pharmaceutical chemistry, plastic materials, petroleum, and other production sectors that require superior machine characteristics.

Our engineers are ready to create the devices you need, such as vacuum pumps, active electromotor distribution structures with zero flow contamination, and pressure management systems, even for extreme values. This applies to both small-scale structures and heavy industrial sectors that require high-power machinery and large air volumes.

With over 60 years of experience in the industry, we have witnessed the growth of the field in Italy and always stayed ahead, actively expanding while keeping up with technological innovations and our clients’ changing perspectives. We offer a company that can listen, propose, and completely revise your projects and paradigms based on your business’s innovative drive.

We cover the entire vacuum sector and have recently started working in the hydraulics sector through significant acquisitions of historic companies, merging their expertise with ours to provide competitive and high-tech solutions.

We have various certifications that allow us to operate in numerous fields and in various non-European territories, with a portfolio of achievements readily available on our website to provide a broad idea of the extensive possibilities we offer.

Innovation in Service of Industry

Azmec positions itself as a privileged partner in the vacuum system technology sector, with extensive experience that began with simple craftsmanship and evolved into a high-tech industry. Our strength lies in the continuous search for new solutions, technical metal alloys, and optimized designs.

Our operational methods range from full in-house design with rapid delivery of systems to a high degree of collaboration between our engineering team and yours to tackle the most challenging projects requiring innovative solutions for unique processes.

Thanks to our long-standing collaboration with major industrial groups in various sectors, we can perform checks, tests, and equipment revisions to ensure the compliance of old devices and their optimization, even for recontextualization or a change in usage.

We handle the industrial conversion of vacuum machines and pumps, joints, and distributors for electromotor systems, always providing all the necessary certifications for safe and continuous use of your past investments.

Furthermore, regarding negative pressure stations and related apparatus, we offer upgrade elements and replacements at every level, from valves to pressure gauges to air damping and conversion and distribution systems.

To guarantee our overall quality, all equipment comes equipped with digital interface controls and precision measurements, upon request, to provide users with up-to-date and accurate data to maintain high operational standards and optimize the use of our machines in line with new product developments that need to be managed.

Electromechanical Pumps for Civil Applications

Our sector dedicated to civil applications covers various fields, including healthcare facilities, accommodations, and any environments requiring a supply of technical air with a high degree of purity.

These factors are essential, for example, in the medical or food distribution industries, as well as for companies relying on compressors designed for continuous operation.

Each of our installations is accompanied by specific certifications, compliance tests, and all necessary documentation to ensure safe use.

Our key strength lies in attention to detail, especially in areas where critical factors include not only maximum power performance, vacuum pressure, and yield but also flow quality from a chemical and thermal perspective. This is crucial in sectors such as healthcare and food production.

The introduction of high-efficiency filtering elements, hot-wire controls, and sensors, including electronic interfaces of new design, as well as traditional pressure gauges and electrochemical sensors, allows us to guarantee flow purity even under extreme usage conditions. This provides suction or emission power without the risk of contaminating the environment, food, or people.

All equipment designed for this sector undergoes not only testing in accordance with the specific ISO guidelines that we scrupulously follow but also over-engineering to surpass what we consider, through experience, to be ambiguous or critical elements not covered by regulations.

Always at Your Service for Vacuum Devices

Contact us to collaborate on the design of your vacuum devices and equipment, such as electromechanical pumps and sealed distribution systems.

Our technical team is at your disposal for any questions, collaboration, or on-site visits.
We will send our representatives to your company to evaluate the best solution for your needs.

Alternatively, you can provide us with your parameters directly, along with updates for the development phases and the possibility of cross-revisions to optimize the outcome in parallel with your progress.