Azmec and Riva Tecnoimpianti: A Partnership for the Future

The future of the economic sector foresees new and significant challenges that will require innovation, expertise, and the highest quality. That is why Azmec and Riva Tecnoimpianti are forging an important partnership to remain competitive in the market with products of absolute quality.

Azmec, a leader in the vacuum pump industry

Azmec and Riva Tecnoimpianti have joined forces to offer a functional partnership in the market. These are two important companies that have made history in their respective sectors and are now looking to the future with great confidence by providing their expertise. Azmec is a company that has been involved in third-party mechanical processing since 1960. In 1964, it began producing vacuum pumps and liquid ring compressors, which still represent its core business today.

The company has constantly improved and renewed its products to best meet the needs of various industries where these tools are applied, such as pharmaceutical, steel, petrochemical, food, synthetic leather, and many others.

Today, it has an entire department dedicated to the design and production of liquid ring vacuum pumps with advanced technology, utilizing dedicated 2D and 3D software. The choice of materials is also given maximum attention to ensure reliability and the ability to work correctly even in complex situations.

Riva Tecnoimpianti, a new gem within the Vemarfin Group

Riva Tecnoimpianti is a company founded in 1968 by the brothers Alessandro and Pietro Riva. Over the decades, it has consistently improved its presence in the market, enriching it with competence and equipment that still allow it to excel in the sale and maintenance of everything related to the hydraulics sector and the production of light and heavy carpentry products.

In May 2022, the somewhat similar stories of Riva Tecnoimpianti and Azmec came together through the acquisition of the Riva family’s company by Vemarfin Group Srl, which already owned Azmec. Moreover, these two entities had previously collaborated, with Azmec being one of the main clients of Riva Tecnoimpianti.

The Group decided to make this investment, creating a true hub that now represents a point of reference at the national and international levels for metalworking, particularly in the production of vacuum pumps and liquid ring compressors. This partnership is now well-established and poised to capture an even larger share of the market in a promising future.

Vacuum pumps and liquid ring compressors

The flagship offering of the partnership between Azmec and Riva Tecnoimpianti consists of vacuum pumps and liquid ring compressors. These are machines that guarantee maximum reliability, as they are manufactured using advanced technologies and top-notch materials. They remain effective even when dealing with challenging situations, such as the presence of dirty water, excessive overloads, and less-than-impeccable maintenance over time.

Their exceptional performance is attributed to choices resulting from the partnership between these two prominent companies, including oversizing, the use of low-speed passage sections, and meticulous attention to mechanical processes. High-profile materials like stainless steel, some elements coated with ceramic polymer, are used.

Various types of vacuum pumps are offered in the market, differing in technical specifications and applications. However, these products provide extreme versatility, suitable for use in numerous contexts, and are appreciated for their low consumption due to excellent hydraulic efficiency. From a technical perspective, the internal distribution in the vacuum pumps and the transition between the fixed and rotating parts managed in the innermost part of the impeller also pay off. This is a true uniqueness of the product range bearing the Azmec and Riva Tecnoimpianti signatures as they allow for increased liquid and fiber transport percentages without problems.

Cutting-edge models

Investments in research and continuous innovation now enable these two companies to offer various types of vacuum pumps and liquid ring compressors on the market, starting with the AL/2000 model. It is manufactured with a perfect combination of cast iron, carbon, and stainless steel, partially coated with ceramic composite. Its capacity ranges from a minimum of 180 cubic meters per hour to a maximum of 12,500 cubic meters per hour.

On the other hand, the ALBV/2000 model offers a more restrained capacity suitable for other applications, ranging from 2,500 cubic meters per hour to 7,500 cubic meters per hour. There are many other models to consider, such as those from the ALCZ series, suitable for those who require a minimum capacity between 150 cubic meters per hour and 3,100 cubic meters per hour, and the AL-B4 with a capacity ranging from 4,500 cubic meters per hour to 21,000 cubic meters per hour.
The range is completed with the AL-BC model, with a capacity ranging from 450 cubic meters to 17,000 cubic meters per hour.

Conclusion: A Future of Success

The partnership between Azmec and Riva Tecnoimpianti is a clear example of how two companies with a long history of excellence in their respective sectors can join forces to tackle future challenges with innovation and expertise. Thanks to this collaboration, they can offer the market vacuum pumps and liquid ring compressors of the highest quality, manufactured using advanced technologies and top-notch materials.

This partnership not only consolidates their position in the national and international markets but also promises a brighter future. With a diverse range of cutting-edge models, each tailored to specific needs, Azmec and Riva Tecnoimpianti are ready to meet the demands of a wide range of industrial sectors.

In summary, Azmec and Riva Tecnoimpianti represent a successful collaboration in the world of engineering and industry, ready to lead the industry towards a future of innovation and quality.