Azmec has obtained since 1998 the certification of the company Quality System in accordance with the rules UNI EN ISO 9001; the certificate is regularly renewed.

Azmec is considering the continuous improvement of its own performance processes and of the Quality System Management, one of the strategic instruments available to get the targets of its own business.

Azmec is a company which main strategy is the customer satisfaction; the market strategy says to check the request and the necessities of its own reference target to increase and improve the offered services and products.

The customer has the main position in the Azmec mission; it means that the customer is basic for Azmec.

  • To know him deeply
  • To offer services/products in accordante to his necessities
  • To follow his maximum satisfaction

To get this result, Azmec has created its Quality Sistem Management and develops all the necessary actions so that the activity processes are directed to get the following objectives:

  • To get an organization directed to the approach for processes that forecasts methods of performances measurement and of the Quality System Management processes, defining the monitoring indicators;
  • To choose carefully, to project and to develop products and services that are innovative, efficient and confident that can satisfy and also anticipate the necessities of the customers;
  • To spread the culture of the quality, of the ethic and of the safety of the information through suitable informative actions against all the staff and to increase their awareness;
  • To optimize and improve the services and the assistance offered to the customers and the care of the communication to the customers;
  • To honor the contractual commitments both explicit and implicit;
  • To improve continuously the Quality System Management;
  • To privilege a work ambient that, directed to the respect, to the correctness and to the cooperation, allows to the involvement and the responsibility of the staff;
  • To make the best of the human resources and they professional growth at all the levels defining programs of sensitiveness and training;
  • To satisfy the involved parts (owners, customers, staff, suppliers) and then: achievement of the budget targets, increasing of the workmen number, salaries improving, reducing the absences and the claims with the workmen, constant reduction of the number of the claims, high level of satisfaction, partnership agreements with the suppliers;
  • To act in the full respect of the rules and of the laws that re in use both locally and abroad and applicable to the sector of activity of the company;
  • To respect the safety rules in the workshop;
  • To improve the imagine and the reputation in the market and, as a consequence: increasing of the number of the customers, increasing of the turnover, expansion of the company and acquisition of new markets.


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