Competition pump type 2


Azmec is offering a professional work of cleaning and rebuilding to repair the pumps produced from the competition. Check the gallery to see the result of a work done from Azmec.

Azmec has an internal service center for the repairing and the overhauling of any kind of vacuum pump produced from the competition whichever it is.
The following gallery shows the details of overhauling process of a Cutes pump CE1.

1. Cutes pump before the overhauling
2. Disassembling
3. Detail of a fouled cover
4. Fouled impeller
5. Fouled distributor disk and casing
6. Fouled distributor disk and end shield
7. Sandblasted distributor disk
8. Sandblasted end shield
9. Casing after the sandblasting and the covering with special protective paint
10. Impeller after the sandblasting and the covering with ceramic composite
11. Detail of a covering of an impeller
12. End shield during the covering process
13. Assembling of the pump
14. Assembling of the pump
15. Pump assembled, tested, painted and ready for the delivery: end of the overhauling