Competition pump type 1


Azmec does specific workings to repair or to clean vacuum pumps produced from the competition. Look at the undermentioned gallery to compare the situation of a vacuum pump before and after the repairing.

Azmec is offering to all its customers the repairing and overhauling service of vacuum pumps to go back to the original operating and to grant high performances and efficiency.
In the following images is explained the way used for the repairing of a Siemens pump type 2BE1; the photos were done before, during and after the mechanical workings.

1. Vacuum pump Siemens 2BE1 before the overhauling
2. Disassembling
3. Casing that has to be substituted
4. Impeller that has to be substituted
5. Dirty cover
6. Distrbutor disk full of particles
7. Reassembling of the cover and of the distributor disk with ceramical composite
8. Group impeller+shaft (new)
9. Casing (new)
10. Rebuilt casing
11. Assembling of the pump
12. Assembling of the pump
13. End of the assembling
14. The pump is assembled, tested, painted and ready for the delivery. End of the overhauling.